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Welcome to ZplaySchool! We are a community-oriented space offering learning and playing in multiple languages and across multiple cultures. Founded by a mom, educator, and community-builder from Ukraine, we believe in progressive education that develops each child uniquely. With a wide range of enrichment classes for all ages in Russian, English, and Hebrew, we are excited to draw on and contribute to the fantastic community in which we live.

All our classes are taught by experienced educators who emphasize our belief that learning should always happen through play and creativity.

We offer a variety of enrichment programming for children of all ages including Playgroups, Russian Immersion Preschool Program, Russian Language, G&T test prep, Theater, Math, Art, Open Play, and many more.

Join ZplaySchool for community events, museum tours, holiday celebrations, events at the park, summer program, and special workshops for parents.

Visit Zplay Theater. It is  the first  NYC-based theatre for children that is completely in Russian. We bring to life specially-designed performances of Russian fairytales and stories. Professional adult actors take us on unique, educational, and  immersive experiences that kids (and even adults) love. We can also bring our theater to any location.

Want to celebrate a birthday with ZplaySchool team? Just pick a date for your party, and we will do the rest!

Do you have an idea for an event? Would you like to teach a class or a workshop in our community? Do you have a suggestion for something you’d like to try yourself or for your child? E-mail us!